What would Democratic House mean to Nelson County?

FiveThirtyEight now gives the Democrats a 3 in 4 chance of winning the House. What might that mean for the citizens of the 5th?

It could certainly mean a raise especially for those workers in the service, retail and tourism sectors. The political pressure to raise the minimum wage grows stronger by the day helped by Amazon’s recent announcement of a $15 an hour wage.

The Democrats would also invest more money in Rural Broadband which would boost the economy of the 5th. Rural Broadband isn’t just about being able to stream from Netflix. It’s about creating home business, creating telecommuting jobs and helping students with their education.

The Democrats would invest more money into alternative energy projects that would help the country to leave the carbon economy behind and create new jobs and industries.

Comprehensive immigration reform and shoring up the ACA would also help the 5th.

And what does the 5th get if it elects Denver Riggleman to a House controlled by the Democrats?

Nothing, a big fat nothing. All Riggleman will be able to do is sit around with his Freedom Caucus buddies and say no. We don’t need a no to everything we need a yes to progress for the citizens of the 5th.

Louis Harpster