State of the Race

We are on the eve of a historic election but also one that might set records for turnout. Consider that more citizens have voted early in 2018 than voted in the 2014 mid-terms. High turnout has in the past helped the Democrats. Will the wave turn into a tsunami?

In the 5th

The polls still have our race as a toss-up. Although it was badly flubbed, Trump has endorsed Riggleman. Riggleman in the last debate, held in Lynchburg, still maintains that the reason he is running is, for him, excessive regulatory burdens and its effect on his business. Not even a half-hearted mention of a call to public service, he just wants to better his bottom line. Good for him, bad for the rest of us.

Meanwhile in Virginia

Another exciting race in Virginia is between Abagail Spanberger and David Brat. A defeat of Brat would be a significant blow to the influence of the Tea Party and the Freedom Caucus. During their only debate, Spanberger gave a very forceful statement of why she is running. The video has gone viral and is well worth watching.

The Closing Days in the Nation

The Democrats are still favored to win enough seats to control the House and they have started to sketch a legislative agenda. There will be, of course, Congressional investigations into the many corrupt actions of the Trump administration. But another thrust will be to ‘expand democracy” by reversing the many attempts of the Republican Party to suppress the vote. The Republicans can’t win without suppressing the vote.

Yes, this election is about health care, immigration, climate change and economic opportunity, but it is also a referendum on Donald Trump and the Republican Party. And the GOP’s only platform is fear.

Louis Harpster