A One Day Breather, On to the Next Crisis

Looking back, Nov. 6th, election day, was a lull in the action. And if the results were a rebuke of President Trump, he didn’t see it that way. The next day he persuaded Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General, to resign. There is a video of Sessions leaving the Justice Department and he is obviously crying. Trump, then, appointed Matt Whitaker as acting Attorney General. It seems that the only reason he was appointed is to end the Mueller investigation and to protect Trump. Recent reports of some of Whitaker’s statements are very alarming and justify Ruth Marcus in today’s Washington Post, calling him a “crackpot”.

The “constitutional crisis” that has been building since day one of the Trump presidency seems to have finally arrived. We Democrats can’t do much about it, except try to influence public opinion, because the new Congress doesn’t arrive till January and the Republicans control the Senate.

Mitch McConnell says Trump will not fire Mueller. For McConnell is that a prediction or a warning to Trump not to do it? The next few weeks could be very interesting. What will Trump do and will the Republicans finally step up to stop him and uphold the rule of law?

Indivisable has a “Mueller Firing Rapid Response” if you want to demonstrate and find local events to do so.

Louis Harpster