How Divided Are The Democrats?

The Third Way, a left leaning think tank, recently described the split in the Democratic Party as the difference between “broadband for all” and “Medicare for all”. They see “broadband for all” as an opportunity agenda and “Medicare for All” as an entitlement agenda and come firmly down of the side of opportunity. And there is the problem of the staggering costs of Medicare for All. Yet, the evidence shows that ACA gave many people the opportunity and the security to seek new and better employment. Some even started small businesses because they could count on health insurance. .

It’s a false dichotomy. As the historically Big Tent party, we have always needed to develop policies that help citizens at every socioeconomic level  and protect civil rights for all. Let’s elect a Democratic Congress and Senate and then we can debate what to do after. Be sure to vote, be sure to vote for a Democrat. The midterms are less than 100 days away.

Nelson Democrats