A Platform for America

Some say the Democratic Party today is too divided. Creating a worthwhile, meaningful platform that most all Americans can support appears almost impossible to some.

Not so. Most Americans, and the vast majority of Democrats, understand there are some fundamental changes needed in our nation. Here are a few of our ideas on a platform on which we all can stand proud: 

 1.      The Trump-GOP tax cuts are bad. They are unfair. The primary benefits are going to the rich. Corporations use them to buy back stock and increase shareholder wealth, not invest in their employees. Trickle-down does not put a dime into U.S. workers pockets. Trickle-down has been proven to be a lie.

2.      Access to Health Care must be expanded. Whether it is repairing the damage the Republicans have done to the ACA, or reframing the public option or Medicare for All, working up a Single Payer system, or something else, it's obvious that the status quo is damaging the physical and financial health of the American people. It is a daunting task to change an entire industry, but the American people are ready for this.

3.      Climate change must be addressed vigorously. Republicans continue to deny the hard and clear science. We may already reached a tipping point. It's not just a threat to our children, people all over the world people are suffering now. It is time to move away from a carbon economy, either by market mechanisms or subsidies or a combination of the two.

4.      Americans deserve a raise. Most families know this in their gut, and numbers say they are right: They are long overdue. It does not matter if the economy grew at 4% last quarter and that share prices keep going up if many people can’t make ends meet. Too many workers do not make a living wage.

5.     Russia is not our friend.

6.     Our nation's civil foundations are under attack by Donald Trump’s lack of decency and humanity. The President of the United States can not be above the law. 

Do you have any suggestions about a platform all Democrats could support? Let us know what they are?

Louis Harpster