Denver Riggleman wants to join The Freedom Caucus

If elected, Denver Riggleman said he would join the Freedom Caucus. What does that mean for the citizens of the Fifth District?

The Freedom Caucus is an outgrowth of the Tea Party. Established in 2015 it has about forty-odd members. They are the most right wing members of the Congressional Republicans. They are distinguished by what they are against, not what they are for. For example:

  • The Freedom Caucus blocked the recent Farm Bill because it did not include stringent work requirements for those citizens receiving Food Stamps.
  • They have joined with President Trump supporting a government shutdown this fall over immigration and The Wall.
  • They have repeatedly blocked more moderate Republicans from compromising with the Democrats on a DACA fix and any comprehensive plan to address immigration
  • Recently they introduced a resolution to impeach United States Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Riggleman would like to join another Virginian, Dave Brat, on the Freedom Caucus. Neither GOP candidate should be in Congress.

Thankfully, Brat is getting a serious challenge from Democrat Abigail Spanberger and Leslie Cockburn, with the help of the Nelson County Democrats, has Rigglemen on the ropes with the midterm election 86 days away.

Louis Harpster