Denver Riggleman and Corey Stewart

It would be a stretch to tar Denver Riggleman as a “white nationalist,” but he does have an uneasy relationship with Corey Stewart, Virginia’s Republican nominee for Senate. He is, like a lot a Republicans, loathe to cross this Trump “wannabe” and his white nationalist sympathizers. There is a video of Riggleman dodging the question of whether he will campaign with Stewart, and his silence when Stewart made very disparaging remarks about Danville  is disturbing. I wonder what Riggleman has to say about the Stewart campaign releasing a photoshopped image of Tim Kaine shaking hands with Joseph Stalin, a clear impossibility since Stalin died in 1953 and Kaine was born in 1958. My conclusion is that Riggleman cannot represent the diversity of the 5th district and any candidate who does not separate himself from Corey Stewart is going to get tarred badly.

Louis Harpster