Does Denver Riggleman Have A Platform?

After one term, GOP's Tom Garrett’s personal problems prevented him from running again to serve as Virginia's Fifth District US Congressman. Denver Riggleman was brought in as substitute. Leslie Cockburn's campaign has a very good video on how the embarrassing, awkward way he was chosen by the Republican's fringe compares with the straightforward, open process that Democrats used.

Now people are looking for the GOP's candidate platform. So far, mostly we are told he is a Republican.

His website does have a section on the issues that motivate him. Each starts with the phrase, “A businessman’s take.” Donald Trump used the same appeal. Not all citizens run their own business, however. Most voters are working people, working for businesses.

Riggleman's website has nothing on the environment. Issues regarding women and children are absent. There is no mention of the need to provide resources for creating jobs in the 5th,  such as expanding rural broadband. There is no mention of the problems  facing the agricultural sector. 

The Republican Party is taking the people of the 5th District for granted.  It’s time we elect someone interested in our problems.

Louis Harpster