Immigration is a Nelson County Issue

If you go back to the early days of Nelson County, there is a lot of immigration into the county. People coming up from Tidewater looking for opportunity; the Dutch, Scottish and the English came down from Pennsylvania looking for cheaper land and work. There was even a smattering of French Huguenots. 

And today immigrants continue to come here and work hard. A couple of years ago we extensively remodeled our house. The contractors were a couple of feckless young men, but all the real work was done by two fellows from Guatemala who had little English and whole lot of merengue cassettes.  

That this country was built by immigrants is not fake news. Donald Trump and Stephen Miller want to close the door almost completely shut.   

And Denver Riggleman, who wants to be our Congressman, says he plans to join the Freedom Caucus if elected. This group of Republican congressmen has consistently prevented any compromise on immigration and a fix for DCAA.

The American people support a compromise on immigration, they overwhelmingly support of a fix for DACA. Leslie Cockburn and the Democrats want real and comprehensive immigration reform, but most Republicans would rather use the issue to instill fear.

Louis Harpster