Denver Rigglemen and The Club For Growth

Denver Rigglemen is one of 13 House Candidates supported by The Club For Growth, although this endorsement is not mentioned on his website. What is The Club For Growth and what do they stand for? The Club For Growth is a free enterprise advocacy group that believes that prosperity and opportunity can only come from unfettered economic freedom. Sounds all well and good, but they also are for privatizing Social Security, reducing the corporate tax rate to zero, repealing the ACA, block granting Medicaid to the states, and other proposals that would hurt the average citizen. They even support the new Trump Treasury Department proposal to give investors a 100 million dollar tax break by indexing capital gains for inflation. These kinds of economic proposals give advantages to the moneyed interests and large corporations -- they do not help people on Main Street. One last thing you should know about Riggleman is that he has pledged to join the Freedom Caucus,a group of Republican Congressmen that has prevented any compromise the Republicans wanted to pass on immigration and a host of other issues.

Louis Harpster