Journalists are the friends, not the enemy, of the people

A call to local action
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Last Thursday President Donald Trump's rants on journalism and journalists grew more heated and more worrisome, calling those who work in the mainstream, work-a-day media "a dishonest group of people."

The Nelson County Times weekly email newsletter i  s free.  Go here to sign up.

The Nelson County Times weekly email newsletter is free. Go here to sign up.

Having the President of the United States pointedly and repeatedly calling the press "an enemy of the people" is having an frightening impact. Besides unhinged people making dangerous threats on journalists, reports are coming in that young people's trust in everyday professional, responsible news reporting is being eroded.

A free and vibrant press deserves support from every citizen. It's vital to the democracy of our nation, our state, and our county that journalists are read and respected.

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