The Journalist and The Farmer

“If you want to be successful as Democrats, you need a huge tent.”
— Leslie Cockburn

From the Washington Post feature…

“I am a gun owner and I don’t like to vote for people who want to take them away,” (a voter) says.

“Most people voting for me have guns,” Cockburn replies. “Obviously, we protect hunters. But let me ask you, how do you feel about assault weapons? Ban them?”

“No,” the man says. “But I’ll make you a deal: I would turn my guns in if we had universal health care. You get that, and you can have my guns.”

The man accepts a lawn sign. An hour later, at a Flip the Fifth rally, Cockburn tells the story of the man who would trade his guns for health care. The crowd loves it.

A journalist investigates and writes about an event or series of events generally to get to the truth of the matter and generally for the public good. A farmer uses the land for his livelihood whether it be crops or livestock and to be successful must treat the land with care and respect.

Read the September 24th feature  HERE

Read the September 24th feature HERE

In Leslie Cockburn you have a unique combination of the two that will be invaluable in helping create jobs in the 5th and protecting the land. Her emphasis on renewable energy does both.

If you don’t know about her long career in journalism and her farm in Rappahannock the Washington Post has an excellent article by Marc Fisher in the September 24th edition which you can read here.

Louis Harpster