Gerrymandering in Virginia gets addressed

A federal court ruled that 11 Virginia legislative districts were unconstitutional for moving African-American voters in and out of districts. Our legislature is now meeting in special session to redraw the districts. To read more, David Kerr has a great article from InsideNova about gerrymandering in Virginia.

It's not just here, however. A panel of three federal judges has declared North Carolina’s congressional district map to be unconstitutional ruling that is was gerrymandered to unfairly favor Republican candidates.

The Republicans plan to appeal and it is possible that the Supreme Court will have to rule.

If you want to delve even deeper, FiveThirtyEight has an extensive article entitled “The Atlas of Redistricting” where you can even create your own map using different approaches. You can even see what the 5th would look like without any partisan considerations.

To be sure, Democrats have done this also. But, it is certainly one of the tools, along with voter suppression, that the Republican Party has used to stay in power even in situations where Democrats got far more votes.

Louis Harpster