Meanwhile, at the EPA...

The crazy Kavanaugh Senate confirmation hearings have taken over news. Wonder what would be making headlines if this circus wasn’t getting everyone’s attention? Or, how about some little change that is seemingly “geeky,” but actually very revealing?

How about this on the GOP’s recent move?


President Donald Trump’s administration is eliminating the Office of the Science Advisor, an entity within the agency that works to ensure its policies and decisions are based on quality science.

The New York Times first reported this on September 27th and the article is worth your time.

The science and technology website Engadget offered this to the report into context:

This is just the latest in a series of moves that have weakened the EPA and shifted its focus from science-driven policy to a relaxing of environmental protection regulations. The agency pulled information on climate change from its website after the Trump administration took over. It also stopped sponsoring the Climate Leadership Awards program, prohibited its scientists from giving talks on climate change and has proposed severe restrictions on what research can be used to inform regulations. Further, under the leadership of a climate change denier, it has made moves to repeal the Clean Power Plan and roll back fuel efficiency standards.

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