Who to contact if you want to get involved now

Labor Day has arrived and that's the signal for our two month sprint to winning in November.  Many thanks to all those who have hit the canvassing trail already. Canvassing and calling are two of the most effective ways to engage voters and encourage them to go to the polls on November 6. 

The best way for you to help is by joining with the local campaign lead in your area (see the list here).  We are working closely with Kaine/Cockburn coordinate campaigns on this effort so that we do not have duplication of effort.

So let's engage as many voters as possible, remind them what a critical election this is and how important it is to keep Tim Kaine to the Senate.

We also need to help people understand what it would mean to have Leslie Cockburn represent us in the U.S. House of Representative. Leslie's in tight race and now and she is still new to many voters in Nelson.

    Find out how you can help in your neighborhood by contacting the coordinator in your area:

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    Nelson Democrats