Riggleman on the pipeline

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is one of the most important environmental issues in Nelson County. The only position the GOP's Denver Riggleman takes regarding the ACP is a strong defense of property rights against eminent domain. That's it.

Leslie Cockburn has much more to say. The Democratic Fifth District candidate for Congress has traveled the route of the Atlantic Coast pipeline through Nelson County. "Profitable new businesses that provide hundreds of jobs will be adversely affected. Cideries, breweries, a ski resort, and several wedding venues will have a high-pressure pipeline in their backyard. The pipeline is also slated to go through an area that was washed away in severe flooding last century. Such an event could cause catastrophic damage."

“We need to protect our land and the farmers whose livelihoods hang in the balance. And we urgently need to stop construction of unnecessary pipelines that cross Virginia's 5th Congressional District - and protect the people and communities who are threatened by them.” –Leslie Cockburn

Louis Harpster