Watch the first Riggleman-Cockburn Debate

Unedited video from the Virginia 5th Congressional District Candidates Forum held Wednesday, Sept. 5, from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Little Washington Theatre, featuring Democratic candidate Leslie Cockburn and Republican candidate Denver Riggleman - hosted by Rappahannock News and Businesses of Rappahannock. The moderator was Boston Globe editor Tom Oliphant.

It was a very civil debate although Riggleman got a bit testy at the end. Health Care and Immigration (particularly as it impacts agriculture in the district) were the two main topics.

Interesting fact: Cockburn pays health insurance for her staff, Riggleman does not.

Riggleman also opposes Medicaid expansion and approaches everything as a businessman. In contrast Cockburn uses the stories of individuals (a nurse, a firefighter, a farmer) to offer her solutions to the problems of the 5th.

The next debate takes place in Madison at the Madison High School on September 20th at 7 pm. See the entire debate schedule here.

Louis Harpster