Update on the ERA resolution in Nelson County

From Connie Brennan:

I made a presentation to the Nelson Board of Supervisors on December 11, giving them information about the Equal Rights Amendment, handing them all the petition signatures to date, and asking for their support of this resolution in favor of ratifying the ERA to be sent to the General Assembly.

The General Assembly will decide as a body whether or not to ratify. The Senate of Virginia has supported the ERA five times, without support from the House of Delegates.

I outlined a couple of important points, and appealed to their fundamental belief in fairness.

“This amendment is not just about women,” I said at one point. “I know each one of you has parents, has or may have children and grandchildren, and I know that each of you would want the law to be applied equally to all of them. This is the whole point of the amendment.”

The Board of Supervisors decided to read everything and put the issue on the Agenda for the meeting this Tuesday (January 8). A decision may be made at that meeting.

Signatures continue to roll in; as of today, we have 254 petition signers, and we will continue to collect them.

For more details on Connie’s efforts and how to put your name on the petition, go HERE.

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