Robert "Bip" Barton: Democratic Candidate for the Board of Supervisor from the South District

by Larry Stopper, Chair NCDC 5.29.19


The Nelson Democratic Committee is proud and excited to announce that Robert “Bip” Barton has filed to run for the south district supervisor seat.  Also known as Skip and Mr. Barton to the thousands of students who passed through his classroom at Nelson High School over 31 years, Bip is running because of his love for Nelson County and his desire that it continue to be a wonderful place to live.  He also hopes to open a dialogue about what can be done to make it even better, whether through support of our public schools or our rural way of life.
A resident of Nelson County for 40 years, Skip taught his students to think for themselves and be curious.  An avid athlete and competitor, he also coached basketball and baseball.  Many in the community know him in the role of teacher, coach, teammate and opponent.  Those who know him well have always found him honest hard working and optimistic.  Most importantly, Bip understands the need to work collaboratively.
Public schools are the most important thing we do together as a society.  Our public schools in Nelson County bring together all the members of our community and they provide an environment of learning and growth.  Children also thrive through their participation in extracurricular activities such as drama and sports.  Our public schools must be supported.
Bip looks forward to creating a dialogue about our public schools as well as other areas of concern in our community.  He intends to be a good colleague to the current members of the Board of Supervisors and a good teammate for all of Nelson County residents.  He will strive to improve our lives and bring forth our best selves.  After all, we must treat each other as we want to be treated.
Without a doubt, one of the most important and most time-consuming jobs of the Nelson County Board of Supervisors is analyzing and approving the yearly county budget.  The amount of money that county departments and staff will receive and the amount of financial responsibility that we as citizens, residents and tax-payers will be required to bear literally affects everyone in the county.

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